Insurance Advice

Quantifying your needs and simplifying your objectives is essential to the evaluation of your insurance portfolio. Through iterative discussions and careful planning, we help our clients identify their financial risks and objectives, which in turn enables the selection of the optimal solution.

Beyond Risk

Due to their treatment by fiscal authorities, insurance policies have also long served as efficient vehicles for building wealth, especially when intergenerational planning is involved.

Family and Business Protection

Family Protection

The most obvious need for life insurance is to protect one’s family and dependents should tragedy strike.

  • Pay-off the mortgage or other debts
  • Protect personal or family lifestyle
  • Pay taxes that would be due upon death
  • Provide liquidity to your estate

Business Protection

The death or extended illness of an active business owner or a key person can have devastating financial consequences. In fact, the business may not survive it without emergency resources. The right insurance policies can:

  • Support transition period after the death or extended sickness of a key personnel
  • Fund a buy-sell agreement
  • Cover business overhead during disability
  • Pay off corporate debt

Wealth Transfer

An inheritance or a legacy is the final step in a complete financial plan. Amongst a multitude of options, your final goals may include:

  • Leaving an inheritance to help your children get a head start in life
  • Transfer a corporation to your heirs tax efficiently
  • Fund a donation to charitable or religious organisation
  • Create an endowment fund for a foundation

Life insurance contracts can serve as efficient investment vehicles to fund such objectives. The treatment of such policies by the income tax act gives them a considerable advantage over other investment vehicles. In most cases, these vehicles can be used to obtain compounded tax free growth, while their death benefit provides an untaxed significant lump sum. The result is a “net rate of return” that is often difficult to match in traditional investment vehicles.

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